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NEW BOOK made more available… Birds, Words, Creatures & Features

Finally I have gotten my first book, “Birds, Words, Creatures & Features” into PDF format that may be downloaded by anyone, and not restricted to Apple users outside Asia… Yehey!!!
It took a while, but we got there in the end!!! smile emoticon … CHECK IT OUT and hope you like it!

Front page

New Birds, Words, Creatures & Features Book Launched!

FINALLY! My book, Birds, Words, Creatures & Features is on the Apple Bookstore in 51 countries.
Other Asian Countries will follow using an alternate solution in the coming week or so.
The book is in sections with photographs and photography strategies for different families of birds,
WP Chapter

KF Chapter

together with Trip Details (and associated photographs)
Birding Trips

and Photography Mantras I keep in mind to help get better shots.

The locations span 4 continents and if you’d like to improve your nature photography or merely learn about species, with accompanying photographs, then this book will be interesting to you. The version is especially for iPhone, iPad and Mac versions, with a PDF version coming out shortly. Happy Days!
The link below is to the US Apple iTunes site and for others simply search for the book title or ISBN 9781943730230 …

Memories of childhood delivered in Prague…

Arrived in Prague today, having travelled over 24 hours door to door and having all the alertness of George W Bush at an eloquence convention.

Thought I’d  try and delay jet lag effects and take a walk, camera, lens and tripod in tow. Saw a family of Blue Tits… relatively common, no doubt, but I don’t see these in Singapore. HAD to shoot them!!!

Aren’t these birds just beautiful?

Happy Days 🙂