IMG_0897Welcome to             Ade Hall’s photography and wildlife observation web and blogsite.

Ade believes that whilst a picture paints a thousand words, the words that may accompany a  photograph may well complete a story, bringing the photograph to life, and defining a context for the image(s).

Spending time in natural surroundings is Ade’s ‘funtacy’ … he finds it ‘fun to see’ what is out there, going on around him, and fun to see the outputs from his effort once photographs are reviewed back on the computer.

At work, Ade looks after global sales learning and development for a worldwide leading supply chain and logistics service provider, which means designing, developing and delivering an array of learning material, on at least 5 continents, and to people from all races and creeds. Outside of work, much pleasure is gleaned from being in, and from learning about, our natural world… wherever that might be. Add to that a keen interest in photography, joy gained from writing, and the creation of a blogsite is the natural progression from these interests.

He hopes you may get a  mere fraction of the pleasure he derives from being out in our natural world, taking these pictures and penning the associated narratives, whilst you are reading herein.

Enjoy !

Happy Days.


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Photo's, narratives and facts about Ade's encounters with nature.

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