WA, Western Australia, equals “Wah” for photography!!!

Haven’t posted much lately – have been busy with work, travelling of same and finally I have a few minutes to reflect on a recent trip to Western Australia to do some photography. THIS time, however, was a tad different. Yup, I had my birding set up(s) with me. I was excited to see what I could find and shoot, as ever. But THIS time, I had landscape gear with me. Newly acquired Canon 16-35mm f4L lens, Lee ND filters, CPL filter and little + big Lee Stoppers.

I was excited to try some landscape photography for largely the first time and definitely the first time with decent gear for the job. Did I know what all this gear was for? Kind of 🙂  .  Did I know how to use it properly? Nope… but experimenting was going to be fun!

I researched the heck out of all the great local birding sites in and around Perth and went to none of them! With a hire car, and driving daily, it seemed that on an all too regular basis things just presented themselves for shooting and the planned itinerary went out of the window!

We essentially took two different routes over the course of a week…

Firstly, basing ourselves in Observation City, Scarborough, we made our way to Yanchep National Park and Two Rocks, north of Perth…

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 2.45.21 am

After that first 3 days, and having stayed for one night in Yanchep, we ventured South towards the Margaret River, basing ourselves just outside Dunsborough and traveling to various locations along the coast from there…

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 2.54.46 am








The trip was an absolute blast and the following blog posts reflect places and what was seen / photographed et al as we meandered along the route…

As for Western Australia and photography? Well, you just have to go!!! …

Happy days! 🙂


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