Oh well, the chance has gone… there will be a next time!.. UPDATE

Got up early this morning. Wanted to see, before working hours, whether the Blue Tailed Bee-Eaters were still feeding their chicks, or whether they had flown already. Sadly for my photography, but happily for the birds, they had gone. Not a photographer in sight was seen on approach and at that point, I knew all I needed to know.

A39T7554-impBut I had been going through other shots I had taken on a different memory card. Haven’t processed them all by any stretch, but found a couple that add to the album thus far.

Just a few shots that help tell this wonderful birds’ story a little more completely.

A few shots that for me at least, bring me pleasure seeing them.

A39T7555-impIt will be another year before these birds breed in Singapore again and that’s quite a wait when you think about it.

But that’s just the opportunity to shoot them whilst they are breeding.

A39T8494-impThere will be other opportunities to photograph these birds up until September, until those beauties  choose to leave our shores for alternate climes.

A39T8402-impSome chances to see and shoot  them some more, no doubt, and maybe even to photograph the newly fledged youngsters too.




And come September when they have commenced their journey across the miles, our other species of Bee-Eater, the “Blue Tailed”, (left), will be arriving to provide further photo opportunities.

So the chicks have taken to the air which is a mighty fine thing. Mum and Dad raised them beautifully and doubtless right now they’re on the wing, sharpening their flying agility and learning to catch their prey. I may be lucky enough to see them doing this… who knows?

If I do, I’ll surely update you all with a posting on this blog. But until then, here’s a few more shots of this gorgeous bird!



















Happy Days :).

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