No light, No Camera, but at least I got some Action!

A few days ago i wrote i was disappointed with the shots I’d gotten of the Blue Throated Bee-Eater. And I was. Hoped to go back and shoot the bird again. And I thought that might be today. but looking outside of the window after sunrise this morning, the weather’s not great. Not raining. But not bright – and to shoot birds in flight (BIF), you need light and plenty of it. Oh well. But I have been looking through the images I shot in the fast hour I spent visiting this bird the other day.

AaAnd I feel a little better now about the outputs from the shots I took.

They’re not Nat Geo quality. They’re not going to win awards (and I don’t enter competitions anyway – I have some way to go before I believe i am a good enough photographer to do that 🙂 ). And the set up for these pics, if I am honest, was not the best it could be.

aBut they’re decent enough images to show you. They’re decent enough for me to look at and bring a smile to my face.

They tell a story. My story of wanting to shoot and then being able to shoot this bird with a more decent background.  The birds’ story… how it flies, hunts, lands and then diligently takes food to the nest.

And considering this bird and its’ beauty, I like this story . In fact, I love it.  Some of the images may well be a little “noisy” because of the high ISO’s, but I guess I did still ‘get the shots’.

A39T8226-impAT least I managed to capture ‘some of the action’.

And I have some shots of this bird now, that I’ve waited to shoot for an awful long time.

Even at a focal length of 700mm, this bird remains small in the frame when it has been shot. So cropping images 100% is a ‘no choice’ type image post-processing action and when you do this much cropping, noise on the images will multiply as sure as a different type of noise will multiply if you enter a school playground at ‘morning break time’. It is what it is.

A39T8331-impI may get the chance to go back and briefly shoot some more frames of this bird. I am really busy this weekend though, so come Monday, the opportunity may have gone.

If I can still go capture some more images, then that will be a mighty fine thing. And if I cannot, then  I at least got to shoot a might fine bird already. Do I have “That Shot To Die For”? Not yet. But it’s possible. Maybe before Monday. Maybe next breeding season. Maybe somewhere else entirely. But whichever… “That Shot” is still possible…

Isn’t that exciting? The quest, as ever, continues…

Happy Days 🙂


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