Happy Sunda Sunday…

A fellow Bird Photography poster in the USA recently uploaded a shot she’d taken of a US woodpecker, that she called, a “Downy”. At first I thought this was the same as our Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker – it’s quite similar, but these are definitely different species.

I’m not sure if Sunda Pygmy Woodpeckers are the most common “woody” in Singapore but if not, it feels that way to me as I seem to see these little guys more than any of the other woodpecker species we have.

A39T4216-impThis is somewhat ironic as they’re the smallest species of woodpecker that we have in Singapore, at between 4-5 inches when adult.

They’re also Singapore’s least colourful woodpecker, being not quite monochrome, but from a distance you could be forgiven for mistakenly thinking that, as their colouring is brown, beige and little else.


A39T2167-impNonetheless, I always take much pleasure in seeing them and photographing them – they have great character and at times strike some very interesting poses :).

I’m not sure exactly what this little fella is doing here (left) but this position amused me somewhat.

I saw my first SPWP in Bishan Park. At that time my birding photography equipment was pretty basic and my photography skills still more basic. It wasn’t a great shot.

A39T3944-impBut it was my FIRST Singapore woodpecker, so the memory is with me still.  More recently I have seen lots of these wonderful little birds. In fact most everyplace I regularly go to do a little bird photography, I see these beauties.

This one on the left was photographed whilst nesting in Tampines Eco Green.


A39T2169-impThis guy was shot at Satay by the Bay and was one of those instances where I was in the process of leaving, packing away the tripod, and into view he came, in all his splendour.

They are not sexually dimorphic, as males and females are identical in colouration.

Anyhow, I love these little birds. They always bring me pleasure whenever I see them. If you have seen one today, then I wish you “Happy Sunda” and in case you have not, then “Happy Sunday”anyway :).

Happy Days 🙂

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