How do you know if a Common Kingfisher is male or female?

Note the orange lower mandible… it’s a FEMALE

Having posted a picture of a Common Kingfisher on Facebook Nature pages (left), a lady asked me if my posted shot was male or female. I have to admit I wasn’t sure. It’s hard to tell from colouration because a CK’s feathers are refractive and so change colour depending on the position of the bird relative to the sun or light source, and the observer. So I researched and there’s a foolproof way of knowing. I got this from the UK based renowned bird society, of which I have been a member for decades now, the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds). They say it’s best to remember that “the female wears lipstick”!

The Bill is all black…It’s a MALE

What they mean is that the male CK’s bill is black whereas the female CK’s  bill has orange on the lower mandible.

So there you go! Just remember that the CK gals wear lipstick!

Happy Days 🙂

One thought on “How do you know if a Common Kingfisher is male or female?”

  1. Ah ha! So the lipstick fashion has actually caught on with the kingfishers way before we humans started using silky paste-on. Just shared this fact with my wife. She loves it 😀

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